The Perfect Gift

Rachael Reagan, Web Editor

Thanksgiving is over and now it’s time to start looking for Christmas presents! Sometimes you know exactly what your loved ones want, but other times, it’s such a struggle to find the perfect gift for them! There are budgets, hard personalities, distances between you and your loved ones, and so many more barriers that can keep you from giving  the perfect gift. Luckily, there are a few tricks that can help you narrow down gift ideas before Christmas rolls around. According to, there are major things to consider before you go and purchase gifts for friends and family.

Don’t simply check items off a shopping list.

— Top Ten Review

The first thing to consider is the “wow!” factor. If you are at the store and you see something that will probably be stored in the garage until next year’s garage sale, that is probably not the gift to get! If you find something that will widen eyes, drop jaws, and be a reminder to somebody that they are loved, that would be a gift to go for. In the article, ‘Best Christmas Gifts Review’ on Top Ten Review, it says “Don’t simply check items off a shopping list.” When you are looking for this gift, put thought into this person’s personality, what they would cherish, and what is something they would never think to ask for, but would absolutely love. Second, personalize the gift. Make this gift special for that specific person. One fun idea that was given in the article, was to add apps to electronics. You may not be buying everybody an iPad or new phone for Christmas, but maybe your mom and dad are. If your mom and dad get these things for your siblings, maybe you could add apps you know they would like before giving it to them, or upload pictures for them that you took together.

There are many great things that you can get for your loved ones this year, but to make the gift extraordinary, make it personable. Whether it be an electronic or a stuffed animal, these gifts can bring joy to loved ones for years to come. So don’t wait until the last minute, put some thought into your presents and get shopping!