DECA vs. Maverik


Photo from: Tre Lewis

Tre Lewis, Social Media Editor

DECA, the school’s student-run store, is a great source for students to be able to go to state for Marketing Economics, Business Ownership/Entrepreneurship, and other courses. Mid-year last year, they began to lose a lot of sales, due to the new Maverik gas station across the street. Some would state that DECA is a much better source for students to get their food quickly and easily, and with benefit to our fellow students.

Maverik is restricting kids from bringing their backpacks into the school due to people stealing items from the store. Most of the people leaving to go to Maverik are freshmen and sophomores, which is not allowed by Lake City’s school policy. Some people leave during class, which is being truant from school and is a felony.

There are many reasons why people should go to DECA instead of Maverik. The school provides most of the same things Maverik does, from soda to pizza and even candy. Some things they provide that Maverik does not, such as baked cookies, Crazy Bread and Red Bull Blasters.

I would pick DECA over Maverick any day.”

— Kacey Bates

Maverick may sell many more items, and have more options, but DECA is full of students that know what other students want, which means they sell items that students have asked for that they have wanted and are made the way most students like. They are good at keeping up on what they think students need and want. They also have been selling items that Maverik doesn’t sell.

“I would pick DECA over Maverick any day” says Kacey Bates. DECA has a lot of food to choose from, so go check them out and support our school and your peers!