Hip Hop Music Influence


Photo from: Makala Vincent

Makala Vincent, Sports Editor

Hip hop music is definitely a huge impact on not just kids, but people in general. The lyrics of the songs you listen to can control the way you feel, dress, or even talk. The most-listened to music is hip hop music. The big question is: does it influence people in a good or bad way?

Hip hop music generally influences things that are not seen as appropriate in the adult world but seen as “normal” in teenage minds; this includes frequent usage of  foul or slanderous language, inappropriate terms for certain races, and descriptions of violent actions. Music is seen as “self expression,” which is very true, but self expression is taken to a whole new level when it comes to people expressing themselves after listening to inappropriate hip hop songs.

Right is wrong, and wrong is right.”

According to  education.com,  “Further galvanizing the fledgling culture was the lack of acceptance by adult culture, who refused to recognize these newly emerging forms of expression as legitimate. This was particularly true where many parents were concerned. Needless to say, if parents and other authority figures didn’t understand Hip-Hop, didn’t like it and, in many instances, admonished young people for embracing it, young people were even more compelled to further immerse themselves in this newly developing culture.”

Teenagers are corrupted into thinking “right is wrong, and wrong is right,” when your favorite rap artist is talking about doing volatile and violent things to another person or objects, most teens often see it as amusement rather than vulgar language and inappropriate lyrics.  Jennifer Ankney, mother of Sports Editor Makala Vincent at Lake City High School says, “Back in my day I use to listen to rap music constantly with my friends, I grew up in California, so everybody listened to rap. Comparing rap music from then to now I can’t even begin to understand how some of the music I here has been released, I mean, the rap I listened to was good now it’s just garbage. Don’t get me wrong, not all the music I listened to was appropriate, but it definitely was not as vulgar as it is now.”

In my opinion, music does influence you to do crazy things, but not all music is bad. In other words, there are some good hip hop music that does influence good things like christian music, or some pop music. Aracelli Barron, staff writer of Timberwolf Times, says, “Not all hip hop music is bad, I listen to Christian hip hop, and a lot of hip hop speaks the truth about life, and isn’t vulgar”.