Kissy Fishy

Kacey Bates, Social Media Editor

Fight For The Fish is rapidly approaching, and Lake City students are getting excited! To get pumped for the big night, January 16th, we will be having our big pep assembly during school on the same date.

The week of FFTF is full of spirit days, cheers, and excitement. One of the small events that Student Council has put together for this special week is the annual Kiss the Fish competition between teachers here at Lake City.

I definitely don’t want to win!”

— Mrs. Plumlee

Kiss the Fish is exactly what it sounds like. Every year, one teacher from Lake City is nominated to kiss a dead fish in front of the entire school. There are five teachers in the running to Kiss the Fish this year. Mr. Werner, Mr. Esler, Mrs. Plumlee, Mr. Schmidt, and Mrs. Chapman are the five competitors this year. You can vote for which teacher you want to win by putting money in his or her jug when student council comes by each classroom, or when the jugs are out in DECA at lunch. At the end of the week, all the money will be donated to the Human Rights Education Institute in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The teacher who has the most money in his or her jug by Friday is the winner, and has to kiss the fish!

I asked Mrs. Plumlee how she felt about the contest for Kiss the FIsh, and she said, “I definitely don’t want to win!” She thinks that if she wins, she will disappoint everyone by not making it as interesting as the infamous Jacobsen brothers did last year.