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Here In the Future!

January 14, 2015

“Back to the Future” is a comedic sci-fi adventure that came out in 1985; now there is a total of three Back to the Future movies, making it a fun trilogy that everyone loves. A well known classic by most people now a days, so most of our parents and their friends have probably seen them all. But for those who haven’t seen the “Back to the Future” trilogy, it’s about a high school kid named Marty McFly who goes back in time from 1985 to 1955 where he happens to mess with the “space time continuum”. He messes up the future by accidentally having his mom fall in love with him instead of his dad. Then Marty has to find a way to make his parents fall back in love with each other, save the upcoming future, and make it back to 1985.

The "Back to the Future" trilogy posters.
Photo from: Reel News Daily under the Creative Commons License
The “Back to the Future” trilogy posters.

All of the movies have picked up where the last one ended; so having the first one end with a happy ending, Doc. Brown (the scientist who invented the time traveling delorean) comes back and tells Marty and his girlfriend that he needs to save their future son from going to jail.

Marty, Doc, and Jennifer arrive into 2015, with some “futuristic” things depicted, which are accurate to now, and some not. Then again some of these technologies, gadgets, games, products, and other things could emerge later in the year within 2015, and most of us are all looking forward to it.

1. 26 years later, Pepsi finally has their time to shine above Coca Cola. In 1989 “Back to the Future 2” came out, and since then, we’ve been hoping for “Pepsi Perfect” as advertised in the movie. Pepsi could definitely make this a true reality and should because they could make a lot of money off of it. It could even put Pepsi ahead Coca Cola in their endless battle to be “the best cola” product. If I worked at Pepsi, I would definitely jump on that opportunity to make a classical film a reality.

2. Quite recently this is the worlds first hoverboard called the Hendo Hoverboard. Still in progress though, very few people have had the chance to test it, but pro skateboarder Tony Hawk has had the chance to use it, and says, “This is the real hoverboard right here, so forget everything you know.”

3. One of the biggest excitements of the movie, is the self tying laces by Nike, the Nike “Mags”. Nike designer said for sure, “will arrive in 2015”. With the release of this news, before 2015, and now we have the anticipation of having our own “Back to the Future” Nike shoes.

4. We don’t have flying cars available for the general public, although there are prototypes in progress and some that are available for people who have lots of money. See Aeromobil 3.0 and the Terrafugia “Transition”

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