Trivial Madness

Nathaniel Sakwi, Staff Writer

Lake City tends to have its trends. It normally either becomes popular with a few people, or it just completely takes over the whole school. Last year’s craze was the Kendama. (Japanese word for Sword, and Ball). But here and now something has become pretty popular. The most recent “trend” that happened at Lake City was the game Trivia Crack.

Trivia Crack is a game on the app store that consists of answering trivia questions in order to win. In the Classic version you have 6 categories on a spinner plus the crown, and the objective of the game is to get all 6 emblem categories; Geography, Science, History, Sports, Art, and Entertainment.

“Despite our size, we compete as equals against Zynga and the like, and this makes us very proud. We are also extremely proud to have done it from Latin America.” -Maximo Cavazzani / Founder & CEO

Trivia Crack is played in two different styles; you can either start a classic game or a challenge game. In classic you choose a friend, or a random opponent to play against, and then you begin answering questions. There’s 25 turns and each turn you try and get as many emblems as you can answering until you get it wrong or you win. Although you can only get three medals on the first turn, if you were good enough you could win on the second turn. The game is based on your knowledge of all these categories; so the more you play the better you get, there’s no way you can’t get better.

A majority of the questions are user submitted, that could leave room for error, but there are some that are certified, or made by “trivia professionals” which help support their legitimacy . In conclusion, Trivia Crack has lots of easy questions, but along with some really hard ones.

An example of a question under the Art category was; “The Statue of Liberty is a famous American landmark, but who built it as a gift to the United States”, A England, B China, C France, or D Canada. (correct answer; C France)

Trivia Crack has found it’s way up to the No.1 Spot free app in 20 countries plus; as of January 2015 it’s still the #1 Free game on the Google Play appstore, and still is the #1 app on the Google Play appstore overall over everything. You could say this educational trivia game hooks you like crack, but it’s not a bad thing to enhance your knowledge on multiple subjects.

So, if you’ve stepped outside, or have been in touch with reality, the chances are that you’ve heard of Trivia Crack or have even played it yourself. This game is pretty amazing it’s even made its way to the top of the app charts.Considering, think how great it is to see a trivia game that’s influencing our mind greatly, compared to some of the mindless games that occupy our time otherwise. In conclusion, our demographics show we all really like this game, and I’m glad it finally made its way to America.