Parking Lot Problems

Parking Lot Problems

Photo from: Dan Armstrong

Hailey McCormick, Student Life & Opinion Editor

A lot of students seem to have issues with the parking lots at Lake City. Many underclassmen like the idea of having a separate parking lot from the seniors, while others seem to hate the idea of not having the same privileges as the seniors do. Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors are all required to park in the student lot which is located in the northeast lot on the corner of Hanley Avenue and Ramsey Road. If you plan on parking in this lot, as a student, you are required to have a Lake City High School parking permit displayed in their car. These parking permits can be picked up in the Attendance Office and they are of no cost.

I really like the parking situation. I think that there are enough students as it is in our parking lot, so the seniors having their lot kind of helps in a way so that not a lot of students are all together in one lot”

— Maddie Snyders

”, says 11th grader Maddie Snyders.

The senior class had their own separate parking lot which is the North lot over next to the football field. Seniors aren’t required to park in this lot, but they are encouraged to. If you are a senior and want to have your own designated spot in this lot, you have to go into the Attendance Office and buy a parking spot for $25.00. This purchase includes a numbered parking spot and your own access card  that you will use to get into the high school through the North entrance doors.

A big issue that Lake City is having is that students are choosing to park in the visitor’s parking lot and the staff parking lot, both of which are located in front of the school. Students are not allowed to park in either of these two lots at any time during the school day. Parking in either of these parking lots can result in you getting parking tickets. If you are continuing to park in these lots even after receiving parking tickets, it can lead to other consequences.