Hey Seniors, Graduation Party is Coming Up!


Photo from: Piktochart

Ashley Smith, Editor-In-Chief

Hello seniors! How many of you are looking forward to graduation? How many people want to celebrate the same night? It is such an exciting day full of family members and diplomas. This is our day to celebrate all of our accomplishments and our ability to finally move on to better and higher things. Some teenagers might want to go out and party to celebrate after graduation, but the graduation party is a way of bringing all of us seniors together for one last goodbye and it’s a night of fun-filled games and friends joining together. You can also win prizes and more than likely see people come out of their bubbles that you haven’t seen before. I pulled a senior aside from the halls and asked how he felt about the senior graduation party. He asked me if I was going, I told him I was, and he said, “If you’re going than I’ll be there.” The Senior Class of 2015’s graduation day in June 6th, 2015 and that same night is the Graduation Party.

The Senior Class All-Night Graduation Party will be June 6th, 2015 at the Kroc Center from 9P.M. to 5A.M. The tickets are officially on sale for $50 in the front office, and Amy Kerns can help you purchase a ticket. The tickets will raise in price after April 30th to $60. If you buy your ticket before March 1st, and you will receive 20 raffle tickets as a bonus towards prizes at the Graduation Party. Raffle tickets can be earned up until graduation, and the more you have, the better your chances are for prizes. If you want to know more about earning raffle tickets you can ask either our senior counselor Ms. Hennessey or one of the senior English teachers. If any Senior is having any issues with missing classes for graduation, or if there is any worry about not graduating, then you can also go see Ms. Hennessey or look at the graduation course requirements.