What does America think of Super Bowl Commercials?


Photo from: Piktochart

Tre Lewis, Social Media Editor

Some people enjoy watching the Super Bowl for the game, others to see their family, but most of America actually only tunes in for the commercials. Why? What about the commercials makes it better than the game itself? 51% of Americans only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials because simply, they’re entertaining. We laugh at them, we cry because of them, and others we just sit there and feel nothing towards them.

Throughout the internet, there are many sites to vote for your favorite commercial broadcasted during the Super Bowl. On average, the top five picks by America were: Doritos “Middle Seat.” The classic gross guy on the plane earned the fifth best commercial of the Super Bowl. Microsoft’s “Braylon” was the heartwarming story about a kid with prosthetic legs overcoming his disability and put Microsoft in the position of fourth best commercial. Fiat’s “Blue Pill” was the hysterical plot where the old man drops his viagra and it ends up in a Fiat, increasing its size. Fiat’s commercial ended up  in the third spot and of course, the “#LikeAGirl” touched our hearts enough to put it in the second highest rating. The best commercial of the Super Bowl this year is the Budweiser “Lost Dog” commercial: the heartwarming story of a lost dog finding his way back home through all adversity.