Men’s Health Tips


Photo from: Jeffrey BeallPhoto under the Creative Commons License

Tom Brady, a player on the National Football League. This picture was taken at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, in Denver Colorado, on December 18, 2011, as the Patriots and Broncos were about to play.

Bailey Camp, Health Editor

Tip 1: Work out regularly.

Many young men participate in sports. It is a great thing to be active in your younger years so you have a healthy heart rate and you can be fit. It is easier to stay fit before you graduate, since there are school activities that require athletics. So plan a workout of some kind four to six days a week.

Tip 2: Don’t push yourself too hard.

Many young men are fit, but for those men who are not, when you join exercise activities, don’t push yourself too hard. It is not good for your health and can be quite dangerous. Keep your mind on your own fitness capacity, not others’.  If you focus on others and not yourself, you could end up being depressed. Work at your own pace.

Tip 3: Eat healthier.

Food is a major part of a men’s health. Many young men may have to eat a lot because they have a faster metabolism. your exercise levels, fitness,long-term health, and stamina are affected by what you eat. Protein is important, such as fish and steak. Get your grains from pasta and breads.  Eating foods that are healthy is important to your overall health. It can be a contributing factor to your mood to if you feel better about what you’re eating, and your emotions will be more uplifting also.

Tip 4: Don’t drink or smoke no matter what.

Most young men in the U.S.A have been a part of drinking and/or smoking. If at all possible, you should abstain from drinking and smoking. You will not only be healthier, but you will also be mentally happier. Drinking can lead to liver disease and a beer belly. With smoking, you are not only at risk for lung cancer, but also at risk of death. To stay healthy, you should avoid these altogether.

Tip 5: Visit your doctor routinely.

You should visit your doctor regularly and get things checked out. Getting a regular physical exam can help you maintain healthy exercise and a healthy diet. You can ask your doctor if everything you’re feeling is normal. Just because you are a young man doesn’t mean there are not important medical concerns for you. You should always be honest with your doctor or physician. Because young men play in sports such as wrestling, you should make sure it is okay for you to lose weight. Be happy, be healthy, and have fun!