Leprechaun Scurry


Photo from: Tre Lewis

Kacey Bates, Social Media Editor/ Student Life Editor

The 25th annual Leprechaun Scurry Run and Walk happened this weekend, and it was a success. Many people attended, and there was one overall winner of the race. The winner’s name was Kjell Schioberg, and he was very excited after the race. The run and walk was a total of three miles.

The race was open to all different age groups and people. The Leprechaun Scurry was not just a race but also just a fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed walk for all those who participated. Many people who participated in the event were dressed up in crazy St. Patrick’s Day costumes to make the event much more exciting!

lepscurry1Photo from: Tre Lewis

The whole event was accompanied by festive music played by bagpipers. The bagpipers were there to encourage and support the runners and walkers. They played for almost the whole duration of the event.

Tre Lewis, a writer here at Timberwolf Times, attended the event–as a spectator, not as a participant. He said the event was a success. Tre also said, “It was really cool watching everyone get excited at the finish line, and it was really fun watching all the little kids dressed up and running like everyone else.”