Dumb Laws In Every State

Simon Nilges, A&E Editor

In this country’s long history, many, many laws have been made to regulate the states. However, some of the laws existing in our country make absolutely no sense or are no longer relevant to today’s time. “It is entertaining and shocking that they would come up with these kinds of laws,” says Bailey Camp, who chronically reads dumb laws. For your reading enjoyment, here is a list of dumb laws from every state. It is sure to be an amusing read.

It is entertaining and shocking that they would come up with these kinds of laws,”

— Bailey Camp

Alabama: Playing dominoes on Sunday is illegal.

Alaska: You may not view a moose from an airplane.

Arizona: Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs.

Arkansas: Pronouncing “Arkansas” wrong is strictly prohibited.

California: In the cities of San Jose and Sunnyvale, grocery stores cannot provide plastic bags.

Colorado: Car dealers are not allowed to show cars on Sunday.

Connecticut: In order for a pickle to officially be considered a pickle, it must bounce.

Delaware: It is illegal to fly over any body of water unless you are carrying sufficient food and drink.

Florida: It’s the law for all public doors to open outwards.

Georgia: It is illegal to live on a boat for more than 30 days.

Hawaii: Residents may be fined if they don’t own a boat.

Idaho: It is a crime to ride merry-go-rounds on Sundays.

Illinois: You can be arrested if you do not have at least one dollar on you.

Indiana: It is required to pour your drink into a glass.

Iowa: One-armed piano players need to play for free.

Kansas: No one is allowed to catch fish with their hands.

Kentucky: It is illegal for one to paint a duckling blue and sell it unless six or more are for sale at once.

Louisiana: It is illegal to gargle in a public place.

Maine: After January 14, you will be fined if you still have your Christmas decorations up.

Maryland: Growing thistles in your yard is a crime.

Massachusetts: Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder.

Michigan: It is okay for a burglar to sue you if they got hurt in your house.

Minnesota: All men riding motorcycles must wear shirts.

Mississippi: It is illegal to teach someone what polygamy is.

Missouri: Single men between the age of twenty-one and fifty must pay a yearly tax of one dollar.

Montana: It is illegal to have a sheep in the cabin of your truck without a chaperone.

Nebraska: Whale fishing is illegal.

Nevada: You may hang someone for shooting your dog on your property.

New Hampshire: It is a crime to pick seaweed up off the beach.

New Jersey: In the city of Blairstown, it is illegal to throw ashes on the sidewalk.

New Mexico: No one may spit on the steps of an opera house.

New York: Slippers cannot be worn after 10:00 PM

North Carolina: It is a felony to steal more than a $1000 of grease.

North Dakota: Beer and pretzels may not be sold at the same time in any bar or restaurant.

Ohio: It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

Oklahoma: Taking a bite out of someone else’s burger is not tolerated.

Oregon: Canned corn cannot be used as fishing bait.

Pennsylvania: Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait ten minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue.

Rhode Island: In Newport, you may not smoke a pipe after sunset.

South Carolina: It is an offense to get a tattoo.

South Dakota: It is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.

Tennessee: Students cannot hold hands at school.

Texas: It is illegal to milk someone else’s cow.

Utah: It is illegal to not drink milk.

Vermont: In Barre, all residents must bathe every Saturday night.

Virginia: Children cannot go trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Washington: Lollipops are banned.

West Virginia: Underwater whistling is prohibited.

Wisconsin: Butter substitutes cannot be served in prisons.

Wyoming: You may not photograph a rabbit from January to April without a permit.

You can find many more of these laws at dumblaws.com. Remember, most if not all of these laws are not enforced or in effect today. However, they still are entertaining to read!