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C-Day Filled With Stress

April 24, 2015

Everyone is grateful that Wednesday, April 15th has come to an end. For Lake City juniors and sophomores, this was an especially stressful day.

The day started out without the Class of 2015 seniors, because of a senior late start day. All the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors reported to predetermined locations, and began their day. The freshmen’s day was full of different field trips to KTEC, NIC, and a job fair. The sophomores began taking their first of many tests for the ISAT 2.0. Finally the juniors, started taking one of the most important test of their high school career, their SATs.

The sophomores’ tests might not have been as important as the juniors’ SATs, but definitely took longer. The sophomores started taking their ISAT 2.0s at 7:40 in the morning and didn’t finish until 2:10 in the afternoon, with only one ten-minute break, and a 40-minute lunch, the sophomores spent most of their school day staring at a computer screen, and trying to pick the right answers.

Stella stressing.
Photo from: Kacey Bates
Stella stressing.

This years’ sophomores are the first class to have to take the improved ISAT and pass to graduate. They have improved the ISAT by developing new questions, and not having everything be multiple choice. The new ISAT ( ISAT 2.0 ) involves more effort than the old one ever did.

For the juniors taking their SAT’s, they had a shorter day. They began their test at 7:40 in the morning, and were able to leave around 12:30 in the afternoon. The SAT has a greater impact on the students’ future than the ISAT 2.0, but the juniors have been preparing for months now.

Many sophomore weren’t happy about how three of their tests were scheduled on the same day, whereas for the freshman class theirs were spread about over a couple of weeks. I asked one sophomore student here, Zach Brown, what he thought, and he answered with, “I was really stressed about today, and didn’t like that I had to take three in a row, but it’s over, and I’m glad we’re almost done with them.” The sophomores still have one more ISAT 2.0 to take and then they will be done.

The freshman got off easy on Wednesday, having a day filled with field trips that encouraged them to think about their future careers.

Lastly the seniors’ day was pretty effortless. The seniors started late, and had quite an easy day. When they arrived at school, they were treated with a free breakfast. After they finished with that, they had several different meetings focused on things that had to do with graduation and their senior projects.

With only the sophomores and juniors at school most of the day, Lake City was fairly quiet, but full of anxious, stressed students.

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