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Kirill Oreshkin

May 28, 2015

Are you afraid of heights? If you answered yes, don’t follow this guy around. This is Kirill Oreshkin, and his favorite hobby is to climb to the tops of incredibly tall buildings and structures and take pictures of himself. He regularly uploads these pictures to social media.

This man has been dubbed “Russia’s spiderman” for his death-defying selfies from the tops of Russia’s tallest buildings. The pictures shown here are only a few of the many circulating the Internet.

The scariest thing about Oreshkin’s climbs is that he free climbs the buildings, meaning he never uses any safety cables or devices. He is fully aware that one slip can send him plummeting to his certain death. To him, this adds an extra adrenaline rush.

Photo By: Kirill Oreshkin

When Oreshkin climbs a building, usually there are stairs available for him to take most of the way up. However, if he climbs a TV tower or bridge, which he has done before, he has to climb the entire way up to the top

Oreshkin has been known to take friends on his adventures. One of the pictures shows an unnamed lady who seems just as comfortable with teetering on the top of the building as he is. His hobby has helped him connect with the daredevil community, so many of his selfies feature other climbers.

In other cases, one of his friends takes the picture for him. In one of his pictures his friend took the picture for him while he dangled from the edge of the building with both hands. Also, the shirt he was wearing sends a message. It says, “If you want to

go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This is traditional African proverb.

As fun as this all sounds to some adrenaline junkies, this is very illegal and very dangerous. Don’t ever try what he does, as it can be potentially deadly.

Photo by: Kirill Oreshkin

The fact that these pictures are so dangerous makes them all the more breathtaking. They offer a perspective that can only be obtained by a select few in the world. Oreshkin is one of few in this world that are willing to risk their life in order for a beautiful photo. Although it is extremely unwise to do what he does, we can all learn a lesson from him. Always live life on the edge, and always try to get the most out of what you do.

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