The Core of Lake City


Photo from: Sydney Jackson

Student Council is the core of Lake City High School. Student Council is the represented student structure that involves the affairs in schools, school management, staff, and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. Students are encouraged to apply to student council because the outcome is learning leadership skills that can apply to school and provide life benefits. Dances are planned, clubs are approved, fight for the fish comes to life. Student council meets every B7 block period with the adviser, Ms. Cook, in her classroom.

Student Council is composed of one adviser, Ms. Cook, four ASB officers, and about ten students from each grade level that are ranked as voted. At the end of each school year, voting takes place between each class to vote in running candidates for the position of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and two representatives. After all those positions are taken, a few students (usually the runners-up) are chosen to fill the spots of Exofficio.

The president’s role is to be the leader of each class through planning, managing time, and creating new ideas for fundraisers to fund each class. The vice president’s role is to be the backup of any position, and to post to social media about what the student body should know. The secretary’s role is to keep notes of what each class meeting is focused on. The treasurer’s role is to keep track of the class’s money and work the cash register for ticket sales. The representatives and Exofficio’s job is to put their input into the school ideas.

Each student in student council devote many hours during and out of school to put in as much work as is needed for each task. ASB President Travis Young states, “Student Council is important to me because it really helps get everyone from each respective grade level involved. We can get feedback from each class’ president and we can hear how their peers want to change or see a change at Lake City. It also helps us become organized for all the events we perform throughout the year. It also teaches strong teamwork skills!”

Ms. Cook spends even more time working in and out of school to most benefit the student body. When asked why she chose to be the student council adviser, she stated, “I chose to be the student council adviser because I love to get involved with the school and work with kids. It’s a great way for me to help kids give back to the community and their school while working on their leadership skills. Being the student council adviser allows me to help our student body get the best experience while in high school.” Student council could not run without Ms. Cook, thanks to all the time she devotes to our school.

Although student council isn’t always recognized, they know that what they do is for the best interest of the student body. We couldn’t do it without them!