The Homecoming Parade: Candy Flies


Photo from: Madison Quinn

As the year’s beginning came, the annual homecoming week was best celebrated. Starting off with spirit week, the students’ excitement for LCHS kicks off. Each and every student was encouraged to support and enhance LCHS pride.

This school year was kicked off with the annual homecoming week which was hectic but perfectly celebrated. Starting it off with spirit week, the students’ excitement for LCHS was off and rolling. Each and every student was encouraged to support and enhance LCHS pride.

  The Homecoming Parade, a time of spunk and preparation, was held on Sherman Avenue in Downtown Coeur d’ Alene. The starting time was  3:40 P.M. on September 24th. The parade was lead by the LCHS Marching Band, directed by Timothy Sandford.

   Conducted so neat and swift, the LCHS Marching Band led the floats down Sherman Avenue. With hours upon hours of hard work and dedication, the LCHS Marching Band made it this far. Practice makes perfect, they say.

Photo from: Madison Quinn

As simple as it may sound, “left, right, left, right” is harder to interpret and comprehend in your head. As Lake City’s cheerleading squad followed, the Homecoming Parade consisted of several extracurricular clubs. With  the LCHS football team and their float attending, a lot of people came to see what Lake City is really about.

Children gathered all around, mostly for the few pieces of candy cast out alongside the street, to see the parade. Further on we went, passing by people of all kinds. People who weren’t even that familiar with Lake City still cheered and applauded for the floats. This is what Lake City High School wants for our representation.

With mostly positive reviews and compliments, there were a few complaints of how some participants acted. Not throwing anyone under the bus but some threw candy too extreme. Causing safety hazards for small children, a big majority of the participants got a stern talking to. Candy flying all around, into small business buildings, into the faces of children and the elderly, it was all too much for bystanders to handle. Hopefully this upcoming year’s parade will be even better.

When asked how it was, a bystander stated “I feel like the band was well-coordinated and it was pretty good”.

Parades always show good sportsmanship. LCHS always finds a way to contain the Homecoming Parade. As stereotypical as it may seem, American Homecomings are always great to get into and participate in. With everyone excited and pumped up for our school, we’re sure to bring good spirit.

Closing off, the Homecoming Parade was a blast and a great experience. Once more, well done, LCHS. We’re looking forward to a great year. This Homecoming has surely made a difference in helping the year start. As you only experience this event four times within your life, most people are encouraged to be a part of this each and every year.

Whether it be your first or your last, school spirit can always find its way into each and every student somehow.  We’ve come together as one, taking new family members every year, and saying goodbye to some. I myself am so excited to become a part of this school.

  Four years, as they say, will go by fast. Let’s look forward to them.