Girls Soccer Earn #1 Seed To State!


LCHS 2, PF 1

It’s safe to say our lady T-wolves dominated the field on Saturday. The whole game Lake City dominated. Although both teams were advancing to State either way, it was still a big game to win for moral purposes. With this win, they captured the #1 seed and their first district title since 2005 when they placed 6th in the State tournament. The game started off with a bang for Lake City, scoring in the first ten minutes.

One of the key players from Post Falls, Lexi Smith, had a knee injury in the first half. Although they had backups, they didn’t have the presence of an experienced defender so most of the weight went onto Hayley Eukland’s shoulders, who stopped several goals and made a couple game-changing slide tackles.

Post Falls also had a tough time getting shots against Lake City, only shooting three times to Lake City’s, 15. Although the T-Wolves had 15 chances to score, they only scored twice. The Lady Wolves have worked hard all year for a taste of what happened last year. But one thing has changed; they are not the underdogs anymore. They are the #1 seed and they are ready to compete.