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Photo from: Stella Kirsch

Unified Spirit

October 15, 2015

At Lake City, we are known for our fun assemblies because of our games, the cheers, and our loudness! Lake City truly gets into our spirit. No other school could beat us at that. At the assembly on September 25th, 2015, to get ready for the homecoming football game and the homecoming dance, there were a lot of fun games played with lip syncs that kept you on the edge of your seat. I was lucky enough to get the privilege to interview a couple people. The interviews varied in reaction from the audience about homecoming and the homecoming football game. Some questions that I asked people: Who did they think would win, if they were excited for homecoming, and any specific reasons why they were going to homecoming. As I walked around the assembly carefully trying not to run into the game playing participants, I interviewed two people: Dakotah Andrews and Oskar Owens. Just brief questions and answers were said.

The football game on September 26th was lost by Lake City 21-35. Before the football game, Dakotah Andrews said “I think that there is a higher probability of Tumwater winning the homecoming football game because they are very good and better at football than Lake City (so I’ve been told). Although there is a chance that we could win, so, I’m going to cheer my team on!”, said Dakotah Andrews.

Mr. Georgius showing his moves.
Photo from: Stella Kirsch
Mr. Georgius showing his moves.

Although Dakotah Andrews didn’t believe that we could win, Oskar Owens had a different prediction. “Lake City ‘ups’ Tumwater in everything and we are going to annihilate them in every way possible!”, Owens said with high hopes and confidence. Well, Oskar was not wrong, the other team just happened to score more points! Aside from the homecoming football game, I didn’t just ask questions about just that. I also asked who was going to homecoming and why. Oskar Owens also said “I am going to homecoming because it’s my last year to go and you really have to experience it as much as you can. You can’t get these four years back.”

So I guess what Oskar Owens is trying to say is that you need to enjoy your four years of high school as much as you can! Go to as many events as possible because they aren’t going to happen again. Also, another thing about going to events is that anytime there is an assembly, a lot of people like to leave. I don’t understand why, because assemblies are one of the most fun things we do here! Anytime you get a chance to go to one, go! You won’t be disappointed.

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