School Lunch: Bittersweet Breadsticks

Madison Quinn, Staff Writer

Have you ever waited in line for a dreaded amount of time? Whatever it is you’re waiting so long for must be important, right? Think again.

The average lunch line can take up to fifteen minutes of waiting. That food must be “heavenly”, with over one thousand students being served it everyday, right? As usual, school lunches are described as bleak and plain. It doesn’t have to be thought of that way though.

When you’re out of high school, the one thing you don’t really need to care about or remember are the school lunches. Who wants to remember those slimy chicken drumsticks? We can at least try to make it less of a big deal.

  With everyone disagreeing on a student’s authority and what we’re limited to, the lunch menu is only an inch of a 12 mile long problem. Not many people approve of lunch choices, whether it be because of the price or the options. With the “good stuff” costing more than your regular main dish, students of LCHS are slightly annoyed at the prices and the “unfairness”. With a big majority of students who get free lunches, they aren’t given many options.

   When asked what her opinion of the school’s food was, anonymous responded with “It could be better.” With this said, no shame on LCHS at all, students could (or slightly think) have a bit more say in what they’re to do; most definitely reasonable with what they consume. When it comes down to what source of nutrients you put in your body, not everyone knows how school lunches meet that criteria. They might have one thousand ingredients in a carton of milk.

 Because I’m sure it’s difficult to sustain sixteen-hundred students’ lunches, it might also be hard to choose what is being served. Many LCHS students have complained about the lunch menu repetition. After a while, people can get sick of the same lunch every day.

We can end the negativity on the school lunches, for they’re not that bad, all together.

  Lunch is served every day, three lunches in which students are categorized in depending on their classes, in the cafeteria. DECA food is a completely different story, but if you don’t bring money to buy from DECA, school lunch is your next option.

 We should think of finding a way to be a little more healthy, for school lunches aren’t that beneficial for our health. Our choice of fruit and vegetables are there, but quite scarce. As soon as you get up to the fruit and veggie bar, everything but a dried up baby carrot is left. This is bad news, for not everyone might have the options of fruits and vegetables at home.

Because school lunches have been the same for so long, we can’t do much to change it. Whether it be converting white bread to whole wheat, changes are minimal. If these small changes come together, they can make quite a big difference.

  All in all, school lunches, health wise and opinion wise, can be enforced and formed into your choice, for your own benefits or specifications.