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Lake City Dress Code

October 20, 2015

A lot of people at many different schools have had problems with the dress code, and here at Lake City High School it’s no different. We have a very strict dress code that many people have a problem with. Not being able to wear harmless spaghetti straps, shorts that are higher than your thigh, or basically anything that shows your personality. This is a huge issue because students are not able to express themselves.

Teachers and staff are always telling us to be ourselves, but how can we when we can’t wear a shirt that says something about guns or beliefs? Shouldn’t we be patted on the back for showing our opinion like we’re supposed to? I guess not. I understand that elementary schools and middle schools have a strict dress code but in 6th grade, I was not getting in trouble for wearing a spaghetti strap.

Why do you think there are so many other articles on school dress codes? Because they are not fair. Clive Bunker, a Lake City High School student said, “I think that there should not be a dress code. Unless you wear just underwear to school, you should be fine.” Bunker has a point. There is a line that people know not to cross in public schools. Dress codes show that we are little kids who don’t know how to dress.

High schoolers want power, they want to be able to do what they want to do, not what someone else wants us to do. The problem is that there is at least one group of people at the school who would probably come to school naked if they could. They’re the problem. But if we give those people their own dress code, then we would be totally fine.

Dakotah Andrews said, “I think that the school dress code is in favor of boys, and that is not okay. The girls have ten times more rules to abide by, the guys have very little rules, and the guys get away with it whenever they break them. Boys can wear ‘bro tanks’ that don’t even cover their nipples (even though it’s against the rules), but when girls have a little bust going on, their shoulders uncovered, or their shorts are too short, they get into trouble because it’s ‘inappropriate’.” Andrews says, “It’s ridiculous!” I understand that Andrews might have been over exaggerating a little bit, but he has a point. A lot of the people at this school think that the girl dress code is a lot more strict than the boys.
Now, us high schoolers aren’t saying that it’s a horrible thing that we have a dress code, it’s just too strict. So, maybe our schools could give us a little break? What do you think about the school dress code?

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