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Implementation of Technology in the Classroom

October 20, 2015

The Coeur d’Alene School District has recently implemented a new “Bring Your Own Device Agreement” that allows students to bring their own personal device to school to assist with electronic organization and easier access to online sources such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Shmoop. You can find the BYOD Agreement in the student handbook here.

Many teachers now have carts of ChromeBooks sitting in their rooms that they frequently use as a part of their daily lessons. Math classes seem to be giving tests on computers, and teachers have been making students submit assignments electronically. Mr. Esler is taking this new technological opportunity to implement a “less paper” ideology into his AP Environmental Science classes.  Teachers are reaping the benefits of technological advancements in modern society. Rather than printing thirty copies of the same document, they are able to mass produce it to students’ iPads, iPhones, tablets or laptops.

   The “Bring Your Own Device Agreement” is helpful in many different ways. Firstly, it helps the students organize. In an interview done on October 7th, John Weber (16), a junior at Lake City High School, stated, “the Bring Your Own Device” policy really helps me stay organized with everything online rather than loose pieces of paper.” He laughed and said, “I would lose them a lot.” Students are now able to type up notes and store them in electronic folders on their computers.

In Mr. Turrell’s AP United States History classes, he requires numerous worksheets and essays to be organized into different tabs and sections. With this new policy, it allows students to submit everything electronically. Students have been ditching their ten-pound textbooks and bringing lightweight tablets and laptops to reference e-books during class discussions and classwork.

Many teachers have adapted to the new technology rules and are using different programs to implement into their courses. The most common used is Google Classroom. What’s nice with Google Classroom is that it is linked to the student G-mails we are provided with, google drive, and google docs. Often times, teachers post the assignment onto the Google Classroom course board and students have the capability to turn it in electronically. Some teachers, including Mr. Esler, are taking it a step further by not allowing assignments to be turned in by hand to save the environment.

Teachers have also been allowing students to use different study websites during class to study for certain tests. Mrs. Currie’s Spanish classes have been practicing on different Spanish practice websites. The benefit of this is that students can go at their own pace. If one student needs extra help on the vocabulary, he or she can stay on the vocabulary section while others venture off into different categories.

The implementation of technology in the classrooms destroys the educational barriers of what can be studied or researched in class. Mrs. Alderman’s street law class must research current events each week. Her Chromebooks in conjunction with the BYOD Agreement allow researching to be done quicker and more efficiently. School District 271’s new technology policies have really benefitted both the students and the faculty.

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