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Do We Have The Spirit?

October 27, 2015

Here at Lake City High School we have all just finished celebrating our homecoming game and dance, but what now? Many students here think the our spirit days were awesome and loved dressing up with their friends, but the common complain is that we don’t have enough opportunities to really get crazy and be creative and dress up and enjoy a event with a theme.

Lake City High School students takes pride in our school spirit and our planning for all these events that go on. It’s a lot of work to set up for all these events and to make all the banners alone will take a week. Preparing for the days we dress up and coming up with a theme for each day is even harder. You have to take into account that the theme for each day has to be different and that you don’t want boring ones that have been done continuously.

Lake City goes all out for Fight for the Fish, but between homecoming and Fight for the Fish, students want another spirit day to have a place in the calendar. Could we have a week where we appreciate all the grades and then on the last day appreciate the teachers that work so hard for us? Several students even say “We don’t really care what it is , it’s more just the fun of coming to class and school and seeing people in crazy costumes.”

There really is no better time to show schools spirit other than game day. Getting out there and supporting your class, clubs, and other activities is very popular, but nothing really compares to the big games. Researchers and even websites say schools with more visible spirit and charisma are able to see the student body as a whole is generally happier and better to do is sports and even testing!

If you want to represent Lake City High School and want to show off your school spirit some other easy things you can do are wear school colors! It sounds so simple, but you’d be amazed how far just wearing a hat or shirt with the colors of your school will get you! You can also gather friends and peers to support the teams and have a good night out, and really get involved with everything you can. Make your team posters and banners and don’t be afraid to really go all out and show off that you take pride in your school!

There are so many ways here at Lake City High School we can really join together to improve our spirit daly and not have to rely so heavily on Homecoming or Fight for the Fish. We can all go to more football or soccer games and it’s inexpensive to make posters and make posters. If you aren’t in a sport, club, or other activity, I’d recommend it to anyone. You’ll make friends and be closer to the school and students who attend. We are Lake City High School, home of the timberwolves! One school-one family united!

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