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Brew or Brood?

Photo from: Madison Quinn

Brew or Brood?

October 27, 2015

When you think of Halloween, what comes to mind first? Maybe you think about the costumes and what you’re going to be. Maybe you think about the candy and how much of it you’re going to get. What you probably don’t think about is the large amount of people who aren’t doing anything for the holiday.

This year, Halloween is on Saturday, October 31st. However you celebrate it, or participate in the spooky spirit is up to you. For the most part, we’re all pretty excited to get “five pounds of candy” as Natalie Petticolas, an LCHS freshmen, put it. Staying festive by carving up an army of pumpkins or bobbing for the occasional apple might just keep up your spirit.

If you think about it, what’s really holy about dressing up as a satanic clown? Some might feel differently towards this holiday, but for the majority, most of the students of LCHS are finding a way to have fun on the Saturday of next week. Maybe you can celebrate by going out with a couple of friends to Idaho’s Scarywood, a theme park dedicated just for Halloween.

When asked what she was going as for Halloween, Thora Woods, an LCHS freshmen, responded with “the grim reaper”. As said from some, the best quality of Halloween is that your costume can lack all meaning and purpose.

As stated on, the term Halloween comes from the original “All Hallows Eve”. This would occur on every last day of October. After that day, November 1st would be considered “All Saints Day”. How we got candy out of this remains as an unknown amazement.

As one is entitled to whatever opinion they prefer, some aren’t really caring towards Halloween. Maybe they aren’t festive because of the lack of time. They’d rather sit in on a Saturday night doing something more “convenient” than running around for hours in the dark.

Since there are still cars driving up and down the streets during Halloween night, we must keep in mind

to stay out of the roads. All in all, this Halloween will be as fun as you make it. Maybe you’ll run into a black cat while taking a stroll down the pathway of an eerie cemetery. All the stereotypes of a creepy night, you’ll surely encounter. We’ve got to look out for ladders and the walking done beneath them.

Superstition is an occurring characteristic that you might own. Anyways, keep your pillowcases full and go for more. Halloween can mean many different things to you. You’re looking for a mass amount of candy to deal and trade with your pals, or maybe you’re staying at home and having a marathon of all the scary Halloween-related movies that you can think of.

However it is, Halloween is just around the corner and you are given the chance to have some spooky fun.

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