Teacher’s Territory

Laryssa Mikesell, Student Life Editor

All teachers are different about letting you eat, drink, or listen to music in the classroom. Although we have a block schedule, some people like to snack throughout the periods, but some teachers are totally against it. I love listening to music while doing work and it helps other students to focus better. Teachers have the right to decide, it’s something they have total control over and their little world.

We have a block schedule and most kids snack through the long class periods – I know I do. As long as we do our job and keep picking up our trash and don’t spill, I’m sure most of the teachers here at Lake City will still allow it. A student in one of my class periods was making a mess eating something and the teacher was very fair about it. He didn’t pick up his trash and left crumbs, so he was the only one in the class not allowed to have food for awhile, instead of punishing all of us. I feel like that’s a fair way to handle it. It’s a good thing that all my teachers this year allow food, because I get the munchies way too much.

I think as long as we eat or drink quietly, we should be able to bring food into classrooms- after all,, we all know how good food is. Music helps us teenagers think, and for some people it’s a way of life. The truth is that we’re lucky to listen to it when they allow us. It’s important to always have energy and think throughout the day even though most of us are very tired when coming to school. I always carry around a water bottle so I can stay hydrated throughout the day, and some teachers don’t allow that, so they make me put it in my locker. It is their territory, so I can’t argue with them and I understand where they’re coming from.

School activities require hydration throughout the day, otherwise, at practice you will be tired and not have energy. Thanks to the teachers that allow eating and drinking during class, all the students are happy and enjoy class just a little more. Teachers’ territory is not something to mess around with. I talked to a teacher here named Ms. Wu and she said, “I allow drinks but no food because it’s distracting when students want to share food with each other. Music is allowed when working alone or typing so people can get into their own zone.” I think that’s fair enough because it’s their classroom.