From Paws To Claws

Laryssa Mikesell, Opinion/Student Life

Powder puff is the time when us ladies can show the guys what we’ve got, even though it’s just flag football everyone seems to get a kick out of it. The juniors took the win in powder puff, they always had on game face and there wasn’t a second when they didn’t act like it was life or death; which is kind of frightening.

The girls pushed hard and plowed through anything and everything they had to to come out on top. Ripping flags off and maneuvering through the players really paid off. Not only were the juniors great but the freshman put up a fight too. It is their first year so they have some things to learn still, knowing from experience I played in powder puff last year for my first time as a freshman and it wasn’t easy. Girls were running so fast that they couldn’t catch their feet from under them. One girl named Kailey Baughman, a sophomore, said, “Some girls were playing mean and I got growled at a few times but ran my hardest.” Ladies are soft but on the field it all goes away and it’s game time.

Sophomores came in 3rd behind the freshman but worked hard throughout the games. From what I saw they had a couple very fast girls on their team to help score the touchdowns. Not only were there tons of people supporting, parents came to watch and some boys made signs for the girls who played! It was so cute and very cheerful on the side lines. The gentlemen enjoyed watching the girls play on the field instead of them out there playing. Although we only have PowderPuff one time a year it’s definitely worth it and I’d say once a year is plenty enough!

Finishing with seniors in 4th place, they just didn’t quite get enough touchdowns. It’s seniors last year and it doesn’t matter if they didn’t win they played together and as a team. It was close and everyone was having a blast! Watching from sidelines some of our ladies looked mad and determined to win, if you were in the way it didn’t matter they were getting past no matter what it takes; and to me that’s almost scary. No doubt that everyone left all they had on the field, there was jumping over people who had fallen, shirts being tugged so hard it knocked girls over, and so many shoulder checking within all the games. It wasn’t friendly, everyone wanted the WIN.
Lake City has always been so good at hosting events and once again it was a great night to remember. After all … watching girls play football, who wouldn’t want to miss that! I think it’s great we have this every year and as long as things keep going well we will continue too. Powder puff is much appreciated by the students and even though this year I didn’t play, just watching I could feel the tension and see the competitive looks on every single girls face. I’m so happy I was able to witness this and cannot wait to see the results next year!