Take a Stand and Lend a Hand

Madison Quinn, Staff Writer

Held in the auditorium on Wednesday the 14th, the class of 2019 was exposed to an assembly on bullying, and the true importance of kindness and courtesy. Speaking at the assembly, Pam Asher explained in full detail of how we can contribute to helping out one another. As stated on bullyingstatistics.com, around 160,000 students stay home from school in fear of being bullied. It is important for us as students to understand the seriousness of the topic of bullying.

The presentation featured acceptance of others and respect. The presentation brought realization upon how we might affect someone’s whole lifestyle by the slightest of things and actions.

When asked what her thoughts and opinions were about the Kindness Campaign, Daisha Wright, a freshmen of LCHS, claimed that “It was really serious and it put out a strong message. I think that it changed how a lot of kids think now.”

      As a student of LCHS, it is your job to stick up for yourself and the others around you., You can contribute to decrease the rate of depression and bullying by taking action when encountering one’s negativity to another student. If we all continue with this, we can nearly demolish the idea of bullies.

     With the student body council supporting us as well, it is strongly suggested to look into and remember about the Green Dot Program. What the green dot signifies is positivity and acts of kindness around the school and campus. The red dot states all the flaws and negativity that can easily be eliminated with hard work and dedication.

     Altogether, if we try hard enough, we can end bullying on our school grounds. This is as simple as to if you were to stop someone from making time harder for another; for example: knocking someone’s books out of their hands. LCHS is mostly supportive and a great place to be enrolled in. A certain measure we can improve on is taking part on ending it once and for good.

According to webmd.com, about 9 percent of Americans are suffering and experiencing depression. This can occur from something as simple as making a rude comment. Another study claimed that there are about 2.7 million students being bullied each and every year.

   We might not know what it is that is causing and inflicting pain on another student, but we can come up with a way to try and stop it. You as an individual can stop one’s bully dead in their tracks. Bullying rates are too high in this country. You can at least try to lower them.