This is Halloween!

Natalie Petticolas, Staff Writer

Ever since October first, I’m sure all of us have noticed the Halloween specials on TV, Halloween decorations in yards, and a flood of skeleton and pumpkin memes scattered through various websites. Of course, being high schoolers, the joys of trick-or-treating are unavailable. At least, to some of us. There are those with no shame and a sense of fun that will proudly ignore the rules laid out by their “mature” peers. Halloween parties, however, can make a good substitute, for said “mature” students who are too cool for trick-or-treating. If you truly want to go trick-or-treating but are scared of what your peers will think, here are some incentives: Snickers, Reese’s, Butterfingers, Milky Ways, Kit Kats, and Starbursts.

Either way, Madison Quinn, a freshman in Journalism, was confident that, “This Halloween’s gonna be awesome!” There’s often music, games, dancing and socializing. But for those who are trick or treating this year, let’s talk about costumes. From superheroes to zombies to animé characters, the costume variety is endless! You could be a witch or a vampire or a hot dog or a minion or Pikachu. The options are endless! Duo or group costumes are ever popular with the grown-ups and their candy bowls. I recommend that trick or treaters make their costumes as creative as possible since none of us have the cute charisma of a five-year-old anymore.

For major fright seekers, there is, of course, the option of Scarywood. The place “where nightmares are made”, this is the time of year when the beloved Silverwood is transformed, into the Adams family’s ideal amusement park. There’s something for everyone, where the rides have been transformed into the zombie wood express, a backward Timber Terror, and the Panic Plunge in complete darkness. There are attractions like Clown town, where the clowns have taken over, Scarecrow Corner, where you get to walk through a cornfield in the dark, and The Dollhouse, which is pretty self-explanatory. Or, if you love the thrill of being scared but don’t have the money to go to Scarywood, you could always, see popular movies like The Visit, or Insidious Chapter Three, and get your adrenaline fix there.

Classic like Evil Dead and Poltergeist have been updated: but the old classics like Texas Chainsaw and The Exorcist are still scaring kids today. Of course, if you’re not into jump scares, you can watch movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, or Hocus-Pocus. You can find more spooky not scary stuff at Popsugar’s list of Halloween movies for wimps. If you’re looking for stuff to do for your Halloween parties, my first tip is: bring candy. Bring lots and lots of candy, and make sure to have plenty of food. That’ll attract any teenager. Also, corny classics like bobbing for apples never get old, but try to be creative with what other games you play. Whatever your plans this Halloween, just make sure you get to eat lots of candy, have a ton of fun, and get into the Halloween Spirit. And remember, no playing Ouija boards alone, or in cemeteries.