Green Dot Lip Dub


Green Dot Lip Dub

Photo from: LCHS KFNG

Laryssa Mikesell, Opinion/Student Life Editor

This year Lake City is putting together a Lip dub for the 2015-2016 school year! A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing to make a music video by filming someone or a group of people then dubbing over it in editing with the song. It’s going to be a great one with so much cheer everywhere held on November 13th, 2015! We haven’t had the lip dub yet but preparing for it takes a lot more work than one would think. We are doing it for anti-bullying and of course to have fun. Although we have a funky schedule because of this it will definitely pay off and be worth it!

The green dot symbolizes the meaning of our lip dub, which is, reaction to seeing a concerning behavior, not tolerating violence, and everyone doing their part to contribute to community safety. The red dot is the actual bullying such as, Sexual assault, Bullying, Dating Violence, Stalking, and Child abuse. I think were are doing this lip dub for a good cause that still goes on today and it is a lot of fun.

We are starting to get really prepared and hopefully have a lip dub that is even better than the last one with more school spirit than we need! I interviewed a 10th grader named Hannah Cripe who said, “I think it will be really cool because we have so much creativity in our school and students.” I agree with Hannah completely! All us students and staff just have to put in the effort.

I’m with the cross country club and we all are going to make paper banners/signs to run through on our part and get silly string to spray when it’s our turn on the camera. There’s a lot of tasks everyone has to do but it will pay off and look so cool on the camera!

On the day of the lip dub some students are in more than just one club so they are going to film with one club then hurry and run to another so they can be featured and cheer for both. When the cameraman is done passing your section everyone is supposed to quietly run down to the gym for the big picture and video of all our school spirit.

Overall Lake City has some amazing people who have so much to offer and love the kind of environment we have in our school. We need to give are all and make sure we know every word and dress as spirited as possible. We owe it to ourselves to make this year’s lip dub an incredible one and have everything we need to do so. I wouldn’t want to spend my four years of high school anywhere else because of things like this and all the fun activities. I can’t wait to see how our video is going to turn out!