Mathlete vs Athlete


Photo from: Tiger Ashtiani

Laryssa Mikesell , Opinion/Student Life

It’s that time of the year again! Fight for the Fish is the annual basketball game against Coeur d’Alene High School to see who will walk away with the fish this year. Students here at Lake City love our spirit weeks and always dress up. On Tuesday, January 12, the theme was Mathlete vs Athlete and everyone looked so cute!

Mathletes unite! A lot of girls dressed up as nerds and geeks with calculators, glasses, ties, and plaid and pulled off the look very well. Even the guys rocked it! As for Athletes, students were wearing their different uniforms or even just athletic clothing like Nike. There was so many pictures taken with the athletes rivalry and it was perfect!  

Spirit week here at Lake City is always a big highlight of the school year and a way to let kids dress up and wear funny/awesome things to school; when the teachers dress up it’s even better! This a good way for everyone to show their goofy sides! Almost everyone dresses up and it’s cool to see people express themselves because no one dresses the exact same.
This year’s spirit week is definitely a good one and one to remember. Hopefully Lake City pulls through and we keep the fish for six years in a row!