Lake City Library Turning Public

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Tiger Ashtiani, Social Media Editor

For Coeur d’Alene citizens, the only library available nearby is the one downtown. Luckily for citizens clear across on the other side of town, they will now have access to books and technologies provided through our very own Lake City High School Library. The official website of our library is here!

Lake City Library is now opening its doors every Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm to 6:30pm to the public. With this new change, it will open many doors for bookworms around town. Now, anyone who wishes to check out books from the new “Lake City Public Library,” including registered Lake City students, must be a CdA Public Library cardholder.

With students needing to go through the required registration of getting a library card, it makes students worried of hassles that will arise with creating the Lake City school library public. In reality, this transition gives students of Lake City more benefits than one would think.

Mrs. Susan Chandler, the library secretary, said, “It’ll be better for the students because they will have more hours.” With extending the library’s hours until 6 p.m., it will help students with getting books after school.

The public library downtown has special events including “Open Mic Night,” and “The 11th Annual Lego-rama.” Since our library will now be public, the question that has been posed is, “will this public library have special events?” Mrs. Chandler said that she is unsure.

Maddie Lauritzen, a junior, said, “It would be cool if our library would have events like “Open Mic Night. It would be cool to see what the student body would create.”

She also went on to say how the publicity of the library will mean more material flooding in. An example is “Gone Girl.” This popular novel written by New York Times’ bestselling author, Gillian Flynn, is popular among public libraries, but isn’t allowed in school libraries. Since Lake City’s library is now becoming a public library, it will add “Gone Girl,” as well as many other selections to the shelves.

Some students of Lake City are excited about the book additions. Jordan King, a member of the junior class, said, “I can’t wait to see what new books the library will add. It will be cool to have new stuff to use to our advantage.” King, along with many other students, are excited to see what is in store.  

The Lake City library is having a competition students can enter in! If you visit the new branch soon, you can enter to win a drawing! Three winners of the drawing will be chosen. The three winners would win a new Kindle Fire Tablet that would be given away on February 15th.

Visit the new Coeur d’Alene Lake City Public Library!

Lake City is very fortunate to receive this next step in expanding our library. Students can learn from the new books and additions brought on because of it becoming public, and you can also win a new Kindle Fire!. To find more information, go to the official CdA Public Library website!

The new logo of Lake City Public Library courtesy of!

The new logo of Lake City Public Library courtesy of!