Bound to Give Blood


Photo by Stella Kirsch-DiGiovanni

Madison Quinn, Staff Writer

Held from February fourth and February fifth, Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC) held a blood drive at Lake City High School, starting at eight a.m. and ending at three p.m. Registration was held in the “W” Hall. INBC is the sole provider for the East Coast’s blood supply, after Hurricane Irene’s traumatic outcomes. This drive was specifically being held to fulfill that.

“On average, INBC has to recruit over two hundred donors a day to meet the needs of the hospitals”. Michael Long, the Senior Territory Manager of INBC said.

With LCHS’s donation rates stumbling behind that of CHS, we need to get more participants.


That can be interpreted into getting more participants at LCHS because we can use, yet, one more thing against CHS and be in the lead. Who doesn’t want to leave Coeur d’ Alene High School in the dust again? We’ll have to work on spreading more awareness to the drive for the following years


You might be thinking “What’s in it for me,” but here’s a quick answer to that. Not only will you be helping save the lives of many people, but you can also be registered in an award system. For every time you donate and you’re registered to the points system, points add on and you can exchange them in for gift cards and such.


You’re supporting the advancement in cancer researches and get gifts for doing it. It’s a win-win deal.


You may be wondering, well, what do they do with it? What happens to your blood when you donate? It starts by transitioning the blood into tests to try and detect any faults. If it passes, the blood is then distributed wherever needed most. Whenever projects are needed to be done, like it be examining the works of cancer, your blood is easily accessible.


Here are a couple reasons why your blood is needed in Inland Northwest Blood Center’s organization. There aren’t any substitutes for human blood, also one in seven people entering a hospital will need blood. Those people would be helpless without the blood they need to live.


LCHS has roughly made over sixty donations a day. Although we nearly met our goal of how many donations we should be able to get, CHS is still in the lead with donation numbers. Maybe you forgot your ID card, or had low iron, but make sure to try to be able to cooperate in next time’s drive. It wouldn’t hurt to see the T-Wolves in lead of another thing.


When donating blood, make sure that you have had a few days in advance to prepare yourself by hydrating well and eating well. If you can’t follow this simple order, your donation may result to you feeling lightheaded and dizzy due to your body not being used to such a transaction.


You should be proud that you, a teenager, could help so many people out by simply registering for INBC and going in at from eight a.m. to three p.m.