Teacher of the Month: Mr. Fodge

Tiger Ashtiani, Staff Writer

Mr. Fodge is one of the newest and youngest teachers here at Lake City High School. He’s only been here for a year and a half which has brought along some controversy. With him being only 25 years old, the kids here either relate to him or they think he lacks enough experience to be a high schoolteacher. With him being so young, he’s only around 8 years older than the majority of his students! He teaches every grade and different classes such as Sociology and Government, and he is also one of the coaches for Lake City High School’s Varsity Football Team.

Mr. Fodge was born and raised in Robertsville, Missouri. If you think Coeur d’Alene is small, try living in a town with a population of 3,300 people! He was born in 1990. He attended high school as well as college in Missouri. In fact, Mr. Fodge has lived almost his entire life in Missouri! Mr. Fodge attended Missouri State University where he got his Bachelor’s degree of Science in History.

Yes, everyone, the frat rumors are true. While attending Missouri State University, more information for it from http://www.missouristate.edu, he took the opportunity to start a fraternity. He is a founding father of the first chapter of Sigma Chi at Missouri State University. He strived to start a fraternity that had a “lasting impact on young men,” he states. He and 15 other guys auctioned themselves off for dates with the highest bidders. They fundraised enough money to purchase a four million dollar house. We’d love to include a picture of the house, but unfortunately it’s not public information. He is very proud of his chapter for being the fraternity at MSU that works the most service hours for charity and has the highest collective grade-point average. As we all know, college life is stressful. Imagine adding building up a successful fraternity on top of academics and extracurriculars!

Mr. Fodge loves to explore. He wants to indulge in finding new things and exploring new places. He loves the unknown. He saw the opportunity of moving to Coeur d’Alene to teach was one he couldn’t pass up! His journey of teaching began when he was in a freshman year Ancient History class. He said his teacher was “passionate and overtop,” and that’s who inspired him to become a teacher. After college, he made the sudden decision to pack up and leave. He said he packed a bag in the middle of the night and decided to leave. Being as close with his mom as he is, she was very upset. “She’s still trying to get me to go back,” he says.

Mr. Fodge hopes to finish his schooling and become an administrator at Lake City. He loves Lake City and wants to continue teaching for many years to come. For now, he is enjoying life with his lovely girlfriend of a little over a year. The one message he strives to spread across Lake City High School is, “Go LA Rams!”