A Picturesque New Class


Photo by Prestion Tucker

Preston Tucker, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Photo Science is a science class created and taught by Michael Criswell, and the main objective of the class is all about the science behind photography and cameras.

Mr. Criswell takes the class through all the different functions of a camera. This includes different types of cameras, the way a photo is taken, how a picture is stored and developed, and all the different settings a camera has to offer.

Some of the different types of cameras include pinhole, large format (all the way down to small format), Nikon, and Canon. Nikon is also Mr. Criswell’s favorite brand of camera.

Mr. Criswell will also take you through the history of photos and cameras. From the very first camera to the most modern day, you will discuss the film, the development, and even how they evolved.

To round out the exploration of cameras you will talk about all the different lenses and how powerful they become. You will learn they type of lense could really impact the type of photos you take. The class will give you recommendations on the type of lense best for wildlife photos, sports photos, and so many more.

Along with this he explores the human eye, and how in many ways, it is very similar to a camera in it’s function. You end up learning about the iris, pupil, cornea, optic nerves, and how they all work.

The photos you take in this class range from abstract to forced perspective. There are so many different photo assignments that you are bound to grow a well rounded portfolio.

Taking photos is not the only thing you will do in this class. You will also be tasked with grading other’s photos and discussing new ways to take photos. An example of this is the rule of thirds. The first few weeks you will discuss how to properly frame your photos. Without proper framing, your photos could come out horribly.

The assignments are usually a photo a week. You are then tasked with printing out the photo and putting it into your own portfolio. Once in awhile you will be assigned with a slightly larger assignment. The most recent one he has assigned was a photo essay.

A photo essay is a set of photos the tell a story when viewed chronologically. The topic is up to you. Some students chose “A Day Downtown”, “Field Trip”, “A Good Day”, and “Show day”. They all are able to convey a story with zero dialogue.

Finally, there is the topic of how you will be graded. You are graded by the work you turn in and how you followed the prompt of the week. If you didn’t follow it then, you won’t get a good grade.

This class is great for beginning photographers or even people who just want to learn more about the photos they take.

So when you are filling out your schedule for next semester, make sure to keep an eye out for this class. You wouldn’t want this subject out of your framing.