Updated: Puppy Pet-a-Thon!


Photo by Kendall Knight

Kendall Knight, Web Editor, Photo Editor

Lake City High School’s first Puppy Pet-a-Thon was held on April 11th, hosted by Lake City HOPE Club and the Kootenai Humane Society. It was an event to help de-stress students before the SAT and the ISAT’s on April 12th, as well as bring awareness to the Kootenai County Humane Society and their adoptable pets.

The event was planned by Lake City HOPE Club’s own Meghan Selby and Brianna Nolan, in collaboration with Kootenai Humane Society’s Director of Development, Vicky Nelson. The Pet-a-Thon featured four dogs, Angel, Jersey, Spud, and Beans, as well as a grey rabbit named Pepra.

Angel is an eight year old terrier and Jack Russell mix. She is sweet as can be and loves anyone who will give her attention, but that does mean she needs to be the only pet in the house. She has thyroid issue that has led to her being overweight and needs to take medicine daily, but that doesn’t stop her from being the happy little dog she is.

The next dog that was featured was a happy-go-lucky chocolate lab mix named Jersey. He’s five years old, however quite a ways on the hefty side, but he’s a sweetheart none-the-less. Jersey loves other dogs, cats, and children, and would be a great addition the any home. He does need to go to a home that can dedicate themselves to helping him shed a bit of weight, as well as keep him on his current grain free diet.

Beans is the third on our list. He’s a large five year old Blue Heeler mix who’s a very intelligent and laid back guy. He’s leash trained, and he knows how to sit, stay, come, and shake. He gets along well with other laid back dogs, but can’t be near cats, as he cannot stand them. It would be best if he were in a home where he was the only pet, but another calm dog would be alright.

The last dog who featured was Spud, a five year old Collie, Daschund, Miniature smooth haired mix. Spud is a shy little guy at first, but when he gets to know you, he’s a complete cuddle-bug. He’s crate trained, walks very well on a leash, and will sit for a treat. While he does get along fine with most female dogs, he does not like large males, and has a tendency to bully smaller males.

Pepra, the last pet featured, is a medium sized five year old Chinchilla and Florida White mix rabbit. Her previous owners had kept her as a house rabbit and let her roam wherever she wanted since she is litter box trained, although she does need power cords to be kept out of the way because she has a tendency to chew on them.

All in all, the Puppy Pet-a-Thon was a success, and we hope to be able to continue having them in the future, as well as bringing other pets out, to help bring awareness to all adoptable pets!

Update! There will be another Puppy-Pet-a-Thon during finals week!