A Chance for Artists


Courtesy of Mrs. Cline

Preston Tucker, Arts & Humanities Editor

Mrs. Cline, a huge lover of literature and as the teacher of not only English 11 but also of English 175, has started a new publication focused less on writers like Robert Frost and more on the common student. The publication will be called Timber.The whole publication will be about finding art within our school and sharing it.

Timber will have two ways of getting the art for its issues. The first is through interns for the publication. If you would like to be some of the interns that bring forth the art themselves then you will want to apply to [email protected]. Interns will be Mrs.Cline’s teacher’s assistant during her creative writing class. As an intern you will be tasked with reading through the writings of other students, looking for paintings, or listening for new music.

Interns will start reading material over the summer to get a feel for the writing and art that will be included in Timber. Along with those summer readings are two summer meetings (which will be decided on a later date). Meetings will start out during the summer but will stretch into the year that follows. Be warned potential interns, Mrs.Cline is looking for people who will be active members. If you aren’t serious about it, you should not apply.

When you do email your applications, make sure to put ‘inter’ in the subject line. That way the candidates are easier to sort through. Applications for interns are due on Friday, June 3rd. The candidates who are selected will be required to attend a meeting on Tuesday, June 7th after school.

The second way is through all the artists in the school aware of the publications. People can send in their works into [email protected]. Mrs.Cline will have an intern read through the work and see if it will be acceptable to be published.

If you want the best chance to get published you should focus your piece on writing. Most published pieces will be a 1,000 words or less. This doesn’t mean your longer writing won’t be published! It may, however, be broken up into installments. Along with that you should also have edited it yourself. If your english teacher won’t accept it, Timber won’t either. As always, make sure to think creatively. It’s ok to take risks.

If you are an artist that would prefer to stay anonymous, then you can choose that too. Any pieces submitted by someone who wishes to remain anonymous should be marked as such. You will still have to use your school email however, your name will be removed before anyone except Mrs.Cline gets to see.

 Submissions for the first issue of Timber are open from now until Friday, September 2nd. This window for submissions is not something to be expected. The usual amount of time will be a mere month during the school year.

Once all the art for the issue has been collected, the interns will sort through them and, make a collective decision on which ones to be published. To make sure all is fair, the names will be taken off of it once the decisions are being made.

This is your chance to be apart of something great within the Lake City’s walls. The publication will start next year but, submissions are open now! Good luck and make sure you are creative.