Why Libraries are Important to the Student Experience


Yale Law School Courtesy of Neon Jay

Preston Tucker, Arts and Humanities Editor

Think about how easy it is to go down to our library and research anything you wish. With all of our computers and vast amount of library books, it should only take you a few minutes to find information on any topic you wish. Yet, it seems that libraries are underappreciated to an extreme degree and, still need funding.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I care?” The biggest reason you should care is due to the fact that libraries are an important part of the American School system.

Our library was introduced when the school was first made back in 1984. It has been essential to this school and it’s students.

The first free public library was created in April 9, 1833.The biggest libraries in the world is the British Library(http://www.bl.uk/).

An important rule of libraries is the no drinking rule. Liquids pose a great threat to all things within the library. Another giant problem is underfunding. Many libraries in New York are facing foreclosure due to being underfunded.

Libraries are a castle of knowledge and power. Without libraries many research projects would hit a speed bump they couldn’t pass. The combination of computers and books makes it easier than ever to get all your papers done. Not to mention the cheap printing!

Brianna Kiedrowski, a student that visits the library on a daily basis, remarked that “Libraries are a really important part of my day”. She is just one of the many students affected by libraries. Students everywhere around the world are affected by libraries everyday.

I myself have spent countless hours in the library. Almost every big project I’ve received has included a trip to library at some point. The library is also a great place to get some peace and quiet from the usual busy school.

Our own personal library is beautifully designed too. From the countless flags to the weird swordfish just hanging there.

By funding your local library you are not only helping the librarian and administration, but you are also adding to the enjoyment and knowledge of other students. Throughout the years the library system has evolved and changed yet, without your support we may not meet the herdal fast enough. Don’t you want to see the next generation of students have this sanctuary, this garden of eden, known as the library.

The library is also perfect for studying. It is so quiet and, you won’t have to be worried about being disturbed.

Along with the vast amount of research opportunities libraries can offer, there is still a lot enjoyment to be found in them. Our own library here is stocked to the brim with many YA, nonfiction, and many other types of novels. Not to mention it’s growing comic and graphic novel collection. The future for libraries is bright as long as funding and support continues.

Every student should go to our library and just spend a minute or two appreciating how amazing it is to have a library.