10 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch Over the Summer

Tiger Ashtiani, Staff Writer

Summer is a greater time to explore the outdoors, but it is also a great time to binge watch some amazing TV shows on Netflix! Here are 10 great must-see shows:

Netflix Logo
Netflix Logo

Gossip Girl
Two girls take on Upper East Side- along with all the drama and gossip. They live in a incredibly privileged life in New York City, with seemingly the whole city as their playground. While set in a school, they do normal teenage things- planning weekend trips to Paris, shopping with their parent’s card, and going to beautiful galas. A perfect change of pace for summer!

Dexter- He has it all. A beautiful home in Miami, a girlfriend, a great job as a blood spatter analyst for the police, but the one thing he doesn’t have? Basic human empathy. Guided by his own sets of morals he solves crimes by day, and commits them by night. A deep dark show to watch on a hot summer night, Dexter will leave you chilled.

Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Rachel. 6 friends living in NYC, stumbling through adulthood. Their lighthearted shenanigans set the perfect tone for a summer binge watch! Tanner Criswell likes “Friends” because he thinks “it’s really funny!”

Z Nation
A group of survivors travel from New York to California in hopes of finding a cure and the Center for Disease Control. Filmed in Spokane, Washington, this is a great local watch for your summer.

Law and Order
It’s the longest running crime show on American prime time, Law and Order shows you not only the crimes and apprehension, but the court battle that follows. Often based on real cases that made headlines, Law and Order is long- 20 seasons to be exact. You can watch this all summer and still probably not finish it! Jeslyn Nees loves watching Law and Order. “I want to be a lawyer as a career so I love how Law and Order shows me how gruesome some of the cases can be.”

Arrested Development
The Bluth family, a formerly wealthy and habitually dysfunctional family. Watch the crazy selfish and manipulative members of this family wreak havoc- seems like a great summer watch to me! This comedy will leave you laughing and feeling great about your family.

That 70s Show
A group of friends navigate life as a teenager in the 70s. Going steady, wearing bell bottoms, and suede vests. Set in Wisconsin, this biting comedy is a realistic taste of teens in the 70s. With 8 seasons, you won’t be running out of content very quickly!

The Office
The Office follows a paper company in Scranton, PA, and the crazy antics of the workers there. Your crazy boss, the weird know it all, and the love birds- sound familiar? If you’re not working this summer, put on “The Office,” you’ll get all the laughs without actually going to the office!

Malcolm In the Middle
A genius middle child gets lost in the crazy mess that is his family. Living as a middle child and dealing with the eccentricities of life can be hard, and strangely comical! If you’re a middle child, pick this up this summer and you might relate.

A commercial passenger jet flying from Sydney to Los Angeles crashes somewhere on an island in the South Pacific Ocean.  There are 70 survivors and things might get a little weird on this island… If you’re at home feeling cabin fever this summer, watch this and maybe you’ll be thankful you’ve stayed home!
There are many TV shows you should check out here! Comment your favorite television show on Netflix!