LCHS Bowling Club Comes 2nd in State!


Photo credits by Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, Staff Writer

Very recently, our school baseball team was recognized for winning state, but something that may have been overlooked by many was that our school’s bowling club very nearly took 1st in their state games as well! So, take a minute to forget baseball, and learn about the bowling club.

Since 2008, the LCHS bowling club has been a rather quiet club. No huge promotions or fundraisers or events. The club keeps to their own rather well. However, some of their achievements have been so outstanding, it’s a shame we haven’t heard more. Such as the fact that they won 10 high-profile games in a row, only last January. They’ve taken first in district, and even hosted a tournament here, and won it! Or that they’ve managed to take the Golden Pin (a trophy equal to the fish from Fight for the Fish) twice! In fact, even though they came 2nd in State, they were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best players in the state! A Boise team took 1st in both state rankings, but only barely. And we actually had two qualified teams for state, but we could only send one because of transport issues that arose. They may say there’s no prize for 2nd place, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive that they came so far.

For some history, Peggy Meiren was the original advisor for the club, which had about 16 members, back in 2008. Three years ago in 2013, Mr. Jacobson (That’s Ron, not Scott) took over, and in the last three years has doubled the capacity to a staggering 32 students. I have classes that can’t get 20 students, let alone 25, and certainly not more than 30! This is because it’s not a professional team – it’s a bowling club, open for all ages and skill levels. There’s a novice team, an adept team, and the two professional teams mentioned earlier. On an interesting tangent, Mr. Jacobson explained that a boys’ team and a girls’ team is decided based on how many boys are on the team. If there is one guy and five girls, it’s a boys’ team. If there isn’t a single boy, it’s a girls team. He also mentioned that some time ago, before his days as coach, we had a 1 guy – 6 girls boys’ team. It’s rather odd.

Photo credits by Andrew Jones
Photo credits by Andrew Jones

So, the boys’ team that came 2nd in state was Kameron Morgan, Natalee Findley, Timothy Blaski, brother-sister duo Ashley and Travis Kaufman, and coach assistant Babor. The game took place in Boise, where the home-team won with a small lead. But don’t focus on the fact that they lost. Instead, think about how the highest score we got was an impressive 264-point game by Travis, and the highest girl’s score was 245. This is rather interesting, since Shayne Montee is homeschooled and only visits LCHS for the club. When they say the club is open to all, they really mean it. So take time to visit Bowling club, and maybe break a record or two!