6 Things To Do in Coeur d’Alene or Spokane This Summer

A picture of our lovely lake and Tubbs Hill by Bobak Ha’Eri!

A picture of our lovely lake and Tubbs Hill by Bobak Ha’Eri!

Tiger Ashtiani, Staff Writer

Summer is fastly approaching! No one wants to sit around the house the entire day, and sometimes it can be hard to find activities to entertain you for the two and a half months. Luckily, we live in an area surrounded by beautiful activities, both free or not, that will keep your summer fun-filled! Anything from watersports to hiking, you can have the mostly eventful summer of your life!


  1. Going to the beach


As cliche as it sounds, this is actually very fun! There are so many beaches around Coeur d’Alene that you can enjoy with friends or by yourself! Whether you lay out on the beach and nap, or take a dip in the water- you’ll tan either way! Think about exploring beyond Independence Point. There are some amazing secluded beaches all around the lake! It’ll definitely have be worth the hiking.

  1. Hiking

Hiking with good weather makes for a relaxing time. Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and Hayden have the most amazing hiking destinations to explore! You can go by yourself and have alone time, or you can go with friends and have a good time! Don’t forget it allows for the perfect moment to take a picture for Instagram. After all, if there isn’t a picture did it even more happen? Paisley Larsen said, “I really enjoy hiking because sometimes you just need an escape from your phone and people for a couple hours.”

  1. Biking

Biking is an easy way to explore new areas and get a workout in! The Centennial Trail isn’t the only trail also- check out these awesome biking trails around the Inland Northwest you should take for a spin here! Going outside and getting fresh air by going on a bike ride is lovely.


  1. Standpoint Festival

Standpoint pots on a huge festival at the end of August full of music and food! Taking a day trip to Sandpoint to hear some good music and eat some good food would definitely be a fun activity. Though the drive may be long, the memories created could be ones to keep! There are also many little shops and stores to find trinkets or souvenirs! Check out more information on their website!

  1. A Day Trip To Spokane

If you’re feeling bored on a summer day, why not go to Spokane with some friends! Spokane has lots of shopping, good hole-in-the-wall  restaurants, and many things to run around and see. Minot Park and the Cathedral on the South Hill are two sights worth seeing. Riverfront Park is beautiful in the summer, and even has a food festival! Pig Out In the Park  is jam-packed with foods ranging from Greek to Indian! Elizabeth Martin said, “Pig Out in the Park is amazing because the food is great and it’s nice to be outside!”

A beautiful picture of Riverfront Park by Mark Wagner!
A beautiful picture of Riverfront Park by Mark Wagner!
  1. Downtown Coeur d’Alene

Who can forget the best activity while being in Coeur d’Alene over the summer? Having a day downtown will leave you with endless activities! You can enjoy a lunch at Crafted, look at all the fun shops like Lucky Monkey, Wiggetts, and the new store for men, Electric Gentleman! You can finish the day with a delicious wood oven pizza from Fire and have their signature dessert- a warm cookie with ice cream!

We live in a beautiful area with so many options for activities! Whether you’re traveling this summer or staying here, you’ll never be bored! Comment your favorite summer activity below!