Mr Kantola dressed as a Jogger, photo courtesy of Tyler Bailey

Tyler Parker and Madi Bailey

Mr. Kantola
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To kick off our spirit week this year we had ABC day, where you dress up as something that starts with the first letter of your first name. The school was filled with students in many different creative costumes. It’s pretty easy to see that our school is very excited for homecoming.

When we asked students about the week, everyone we talked to was excited and greatly looking forward to it. Everyone gets into this week, including teachers.

Emma Bolkovats, a senior here at Lake City, said that her favorite part of spirit week is that you really get to express yourself. Emma dressed up with a sign that says “Ask me what I’m eating” with a bag of foods that begin with the letter “E”, including eclairs.

When Dr. Kantola, a science teacher here, was asked what his favorite part of spirit was he replied that “You get to be silly,”. Kantola dressed up as a jogger.

As for a representative for the sophomore class, Tori Stevenson dressed up as a tourist, saying that her favorite part of spirit week is being able to dress up and really getting into it, although this year she is greatly looking forward to the assembly. Well Tori, I think we all are!

Spirit Week was kicked off with a great start, with four more great days to come. Just remember, have fun with it and show some school spirit!