Cadere Musica

Fall Music

Lily Schmidt, Staff Writer

As everyone starts to wind down for the fall time, music plays a big part in everyone’s lives, but most people get stuck on, what are some good artists’, what theme or genre of music to choose from. So here are some options to listen to during the fall time!

Jon Bellion’s album called “The Human Condition”, the album has more of indie feel, mixed in with a little bit of rap, because, while summer brings a more upbeat feeling, in the fall you want to slow down, though it’s a perfect mix for those who like the beat in music. Tommy McCormick a Junior at Lake City High School says, “Jon Bellion’s music is life-changing.”

Troye Sivan’s album called “Blue Neighborhood.” Troye’s album general theme of things ending, and starting, and  focusing on the memories. Why I think this album has to relate to fall is because fall is when you are starting to get into habits, remembering the summer days and appreciating them, it’s more of the slower based but also he has a good beat into his music, while still making his songs feel slower.

A  playlist that is the most amazing playlist to listen to is on Spotify, and it’s called “crisp leaves & lattes.” The  girl who made this album is Kalyn Nicholson. The  playlist is the definition of fall, the music is slow, calm, relaxing, and music that intrigues the brain to think. It’s also cool to see how she included both well known and under-the-radar artist, such as

Shine by: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

All Is Well by: Austin Basham

Lost Long Country by: The Woodlands

The Breach by: Dustin Tebbutt