Football Concussions


Photo by Vicis

Micah Rocha, Staff Writer

Concussions in sports have always been a big issue, but in football it’s been the biggest with the most. Football has the highest concussion rating than other sports. According to Head Case , a company that studies concussions, Football has 64-76.8 concussions rates per sport with hockey in second with substantially less at 54.

A question many people have is what people are doing to help prevent concussions? There is no true way to prevent them, and most professionals recommend that  you wear a helmet that fits correctly to prevent a concussions or skull fractures. There  are plenty of studies out there trying to solve football concussions. In professional football such as the NFL there have  been new rules and guidelines set up to limit the “shots” to the head players take throughout a game. An  institution called NU Writing has studied this and states in one of these articles  that three crucial things must happen for concussion rating to stop rising.

Will Smith's latest movie “Concussion” touches nerves in the NFL
Will Smith’s latest movie “Concussion” touches nerves in the NFL

The effect of hits on players or different impacts must be quantified. The cause and understanding of a concussion must be more reliable in the medical world and understood, and also better and more complete testing must be placed on the helmets. Many football players (including some of their 18,000 retired players) have also filed lawsuits against the NFL, totaling  $765 million, in which the NFL was to pay  for medical bills and compensate the victims. The NFL has also publicly announced that CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) is linked to football.

The NFL’s vice president of health and and safety policy ,Jim Miller, was asked by Jan Schakowsky of House Committee on Energy and Commerce if CTE was linked to football in March 16,2016, to which he answered,  “Most certainly, yes.” The epidemic of concussions is still a great issue in football with no really definitive way or answer on how to stop them from occurring, many people can only  hope that they find a more efficient way to stop and deal with this problem and help limit the long term effects on the human brain.