Coeur d’ Alene Clown Attack

Makala Vincent, Staff Writer

Besides the election, this new phenomenon of clowns has become the topic of discussion. Reportedly there are clowns around the nation resulting in many alleged attacks and one injury. So the question of the week: what inspired people to dress as terrifying clowns and terrorize people? No one knows exactly what inspired the attacks; however, it’s like the domino effect, where one person does it and the rest just kind of fall in place. There are videos circling around the internet of people dressed as clowns attacking people with knives, chainsaws, and other deadly weapons. After the attacks were recorded , the whole situation has spiraled out of control.

October 3rd, it was reported that there was a sighting of a clown  here in Coeur d’Alene. The witness, 17 year old Tyler Clinedinst, reported to KHQ that he was walking to a friends house by Centennial trail and Bluegrass park when he heard laughing. He was wearing earbuds, but when he heard the laughing he took them off and saw the clown jump out from behind a tree. The clown reportedly chased Clinedinst around the park with knives until the 17 year old got to his friends house. The mother of his friend who’s name is anonymous, dialed 911 and reported the incident.  Ending the report, the 17 year old quoted “We see a lot of clowns on Facebook and half of them aren’t real probably, but yeah, I didn’t expect to see one out here.” Spokane police reported that the people in the mask as far as they know aren’t doing anything illegal. They confirmed that there have been other calls relating to the attacks and will be on alert to any life threatening situation that may involve these abnormal clown.