Are You Prepared? Tips for Job Interviews

Tyler Parker, Assistant Editor

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Applying for your first job can be the most exciting moment or the scariest. This all depends on whether or not you are prepared. Although, there is one thing  you can do to make sure the excitement out rules the scary parts, and that is being ready.

First of all, you have to make sure you are wearing the right thing. You want to go professional, but not too over the top. You probably shouldn’t go with a scroungy look, dressing it up a bit always helps. Make sure you’re hair is combed and you look presentable. You should “dress for success.”

Next, you have to have a bit of self confidence. During the interview you will definitely want to talk yourself up as much as possible. Being able to name areas you excel at (such as customer service) or a past experience that will show your preparedness for said job you are applying for.

Another big thing you can do to prepare yourself is be on time! They would also like it if you were a bit early, you must be on time if you want the job! Give yourself enough time before the interview so you know you won’t have to completely rush yourself.

Be upbeat, focused, and authentic. This will help with the first impression you’re hopefully future employer will have of you. Remember your body language! If you have bad body language then it is distracting. The best thing to do is to have good posture, make eye contact, smile, and nod to show you are listening.

Lastly, you want to thank the person that conducted your interview. Show respect.

If you follow these steps before and during your interview you will be set! Good luck and hopefully these tips will work for you. For more information click here.

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