5 Most Dangerous Sports in High School

Jaden Rebo, Staff Writer

  1. Men’s Ice Hockey – Every 25 students out of 1 million students have been hurt intensely and even been killed in this sport. Many players experience concussions everyday due to this sport activity. The speed players gain on the ice becomes more harmful especially when there is often many illegal hits occurring causing injuries.
  2. Men’s Football – Every 19 students out of 1 million have been injured severely; some to the point of death. Even with all the football gear and helmets, head and body injuries have occurred during professional and amateur football. Since 1982 there have been 111 fatalities, 308 permanent disabilities, and 280 non-permanent disabilities among high school students.
  3. Women’s Gymnastics – 14 out of 1 million students have been seriously injured in this sport. Luckily, there have been no fatalities since 1982, but there have been 9 students with severe injuries. Students risk landing wrong from doing the uneven bars, floor routine, vault, beam, and other activities during this sport.
  4. Men’s Lacrosse – 13 out of 1 million students have been injured due to this sport. There have been 2 fatalities and 10 severe injuries among students involved in Lacrosse. Luckily, since 2011 the NCAA have provided stricter rules when someone is hit on the head, neck, or any vital body part; not just for the professionals but also in high school.
  5. Men’s Wrestling – 9 out of 1 million high schoolers have resulted in severe injuries due to wrestling. 2 fatalities and 57 permanent to non-permanent disabilities have occurred within the student body since 1982. In this sport, wrestlers are put in awkward positions that end up putting stress/force on their spinal cord and neck.

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