Cyber Bully- the 21st Centuries Tormenter


Tyler Parker, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Our generation has been plagued with a new form of bullying, all because of the devices we rely so greatly on. Our age of knowledge and amazing technology right at our fingertips has very dark sides that it can turn to. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many more social media apps, people attacking each other is not out of the norm.

A person will most generally be a cyber bully if they are afraid. They will hide behind the screen of their computer and anonymously attack anyone and everyone that they can to help them feel better about themselves. Although I may think the situation is very ridiculous seeing how easy the solutions are, doesn’t mean that it’s not a very big problem with our generation.

To escape the harsh words of a cyber bully, there are a few very simple things to do. First of all, take a step back. Realize that you don’t have to deal with this. This is all online, this is something that can be alleviated very easily. You can log off, turn your phone off, close your laptop, anything. It’s very easy. Another very good idea for stopping yourself from being cyber bullied is to just delete your account.You don’t need your account to survive, especially if it’s used by others to tear you down. It can’t happen if they can’t get to it.

If you are being cyber bullied, you should definitely report it to an adult. Whether that is a parent or a school official, they will definitely get something done about it.

Don’t let yourself be a casualty of the 21st century tormenter, rise above to not let yourself be the victim.

Photo from Blog Spot