How to Stay Caught Up in School

How to Stay Caught Up in School

Kaitlynn Steele, Staff Writer

When you miss school, or are just slacking, it can be hard to make up all the work you’ve missed. There are some easy ways and tips you can get caught up quickly.

We all get sick, have appointments, or have other reasons to miss school. It sucks when you get so many assignments the day you miss. If you want to maintain good grades, you have to make sure you get any missing or late work done.

The first tip is to make sure you make time outside of school to work on homework. If you know you will have a lot, set up a time that you will get everything done at once, or you can stay after school and do your homework in the library and get help if needed.

Another thing is to try and contact someone from the classes you missed and ask for notes, homework or anything else they might have done during that class. This can help a lot, especially if your teacher was explaining things verbally and not written down.

If your teacher updates Google Classroom daily, check it out and look for anything you may need to write down or print out. If you had a test or quiz the day you missed, talk to your teacher the day you get back and schedule a time and day to take it so you don’t forget later on.

Make sure that any time you don’t get an assignment done, or you were away that you get it finished and handed in as soon as possible. Do this so you won’t lose marks and your grade won’t go down waiting for them to be marked after a long time of not handing them in.

These tips are very basic and easy to achieve, you just have to make the effort. If you want to keep your grades up and have the least amount of extra work, you have to be willing to put in the time and commitment.

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