Get Your Grades Up!!


Ana Moering, Staff Writer

In case you haven’t heard, it’s close to the end of the semester, which means you have to get your grades up if you want to pass your classes for the semester.We have only one week left before break, and then when we get back from break there’s only three weeks of school until the semester is over. So are you going to get your grades up?

With only a handful of A and B days left of the semester, there’s not much time to get your grades up. But it’s not impossible. So, what can you  do? Well, first and foremost, check Skyward. Check your grades, then make a list of missing assignments that you need to do, and if you can start working on them.

Next, you should talk to every teacher that you need to about getting your grade up. Talk about the assignments you’re missing. If they will let you, do some work for extra credit. Number one thing to remember about talking to teachers, is don’t be nervous. Most likely your teachers don’t want you to fail either. Your teachers are here to help. And it will be easier if you ask them for help. Guaranteed.

Lastly, do the work!!! The only way you’ll pass is to do your work. Yes, technically if you pass your EOCA, it will really boost your grade. But who really wants to take that grade. It’s better to have all the work that you could do turned in, rather than not. If you do so you’ll have a cushion for your grade for that EOCA. Because let’s be honest, EOCA’s are pretty difficult.

If you do all of this, you should have a chance to get your grades up. School can be fun, don’t make it harder by letting your grades go down. Good luck!