Dynamic Duos


Tyler Parker, Assistant Editor

The second day of our spirit week before our annual Fight For the Fish game was dynamic duo day, which required you to dress up with a friend or group as a pair/group. There were many creative ideas, including Lilo & Stitch, ketchup & mustard, day & night, and the Scooby-Doo gang.

Sara Muehlhausen(10), Brooke Collins(10), Kelsey Vershum(10), and Kennedy Beach(10) dressed up as the Scooby-Doo gang, with Muelhausen being Daphne, Collins being Fred, Vershum as Shaggy and Beach as Velma. They were quite the crew!

Another dynamic duo was Nicole Young(10) and Aubrey Bernard(10). The two sophomores decided to dress up as ketchup and mustard. The pair said that they are both very excited for this years game.

All in all the day was a major success, not only having many people dressed up, but also many spirit packs sold and a lot of money for kiss the fish donated! It is very clear to see that the students here at Lake City High School are pumped for the upcoming competition against CHS. This week is doing an amazing job at getting us all prepared to cheer our hearts out and hopefully bring the fish home yet again!

Photos from Tyler Parker and i.ytimg.com