Alternatives for Antidepressants

Alternatives for Antidepressants

Hannah Lakey, Staff Writer

It is very common for people to take anti-depressants. Many people take them to balance hormones or any other reason, but what if instead of having to take a pill every morning you could do something else without having to take the antidepressant pill?

There are many alternatives to taking antidepressants. Some people don’t want to take antidepressants because they have some risks that come along with them.  Some of the risks being that they may lose effectiveness after months or years. It also increases insomnia, may cause rashes, may cause headaches, and muscle pains and spasms.

Being in nature seems to relax our minds, the visual structure of nature being so breathtaking.  The nature can help with your mood when you are in complete awe which could ‘take you away from your daily concerns.’ The sounds of nature have similar benefits. The sounds could recover you from a stressful situation. From walking through a city some find it hectic, which it does, it increases stress rates. While walking through nature has been proven to decrease stress rates and increase the killer cells of the immune system.

Lakes, rivers, and oceans can also take place of an antidepressant.  The negative ions in water counter act with the hydrogen ions which are created from the movement of the water. Negative ions are helping with depression, stress, and anxiety. There are many different ways to be exposed to negative ions. Water is one of them, sunlight also has negative ions in it. Large bodies of water have a great setting for problem solving, earning perspective and being able to calm down. Being small in front of mother nature’s wonderful creation being able to be curious and appreciate the nature around you.


Photo from Wikipedia